Happy New Year!!!

So lately my students have been wanting to make hats, lots and lots of head coverings, and well, I oblige them.  There's been a calorimetry, and two berets…1 knit and 1 crochet.  My color choices have been all over the place but the calorimetry has my heart of course, (being that its maize and blue :)

Track stitch beret


Nose in a book Easy Slouch Beret

I will return with tales of my adventures Down Under.

I teach a lot more than I blog these days, and some of my classes are due to lead generation sites.  One of them being Thumbtack.com.  Another I'm familiar with is Betterfly.com.  I have gotten clients from both of these sites.  The thing is I don't get leads very often from them, and now both sites want you to pay for leads whereas previously they were free.

See, I just finished up this uber cozy neck warmer in Cascade Lana Grande.  I love this yarn.  It works up so quickly and the stitches are so even without blocking (though I will).   I'll be working on another "Winterfell" using this yarn soon.

I'm also working on other things I can't tell you about, so just keep your ears perked up.

As the weekend approaches I'm thinking about the retreat, and I'm not sad at all.  Actually I'm quite happy.  I learned a lot about the planning process and look forward to planning the next one, which I know will be a success.  And not that some good didn't come out of this aside from the aforementioned lessons learned.

I'm going to take a break for the holidays and host a yarn tasting.  I know that is something that will excite you.  I certainly am.

With the SLHayes Designs Atlanta Area Knitting Retreat around the corner, we have another instructor to introduce.  This week we're talking about fit and yarn.  How your garments fit, and what yarns to use that is; and who better to teach on the topic than Marjorie McDondald.  

Marjorie J McDonald is a couture trained ladies clothing designer and professional pattern maker.

Hello Everyone,

I know you're as excited about the SLHayes Designs Atlanta Area Knitting Retreat as I am and you just can't wait to meet the instructors.  Well wait no longer.  Over the next few weeks we'll be highlighting each of our instructors and talking a little about the classes they'll be teaching.  Up first we have our very own "knitting guru", Kay Mather.

Kay Mather began exploring needle arts at age 11 and has been enjoying the journey ever since.

Sometimes getting the funds together to do the things you want to do outside of family make it hard to enjoy the hobbies or interests you have.  Well we want you to know we're real people just like you and understand these situations.

I've been working on getting the information together to give to you all.  What the classes will be, and getting their descriptions just right.  Finalizing the times and the itinerary and the general dotting of "I's" and crossing of "T's".

I love the needle arts which is why I want to bring this event to the area.  I think it will be a great way to get together with other people who love to knit and crochet (or want to learn) and just have fun.

Aren't you excited?!  I surely am.  This has been several months in the making, and it is finally all coming together.  I can't wait.  There will be so many fun and interesting classes. And the best part...you can be a complete beginner and attend, we have classes for you too.  Fret not advanced knitters we have classes for you as well.  There's a class  on how to make a store bought pattern fit YOU! And I'll even be teaching a crochet class, isn't that swell.  Can't wait to see you all there.

Group projects can prove challenging, because....well you're working with a group.  Some group members have differing levels of ability, which is where being a group can be a strength, i.e. working together.  Then you have group members with varying levels of commitment, which can can make group work tedious because work has to be reassigned that makes more work for fewer people.